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"Scorpio" Tick Remover

"Scorpio" Tick Remover

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Material: PLASTIC

Type: Dogs

Item Type: Tweezer


100% brand new and high quality
It's common that a few fleas and mites attach to pets. How did you get them rid of your pets?
This product can do you a favor to eliminate the fleas and mites.
Fleas with bacteria will infect human.
You can eliminate disgusting mites by this professional tweezers, it's easy to use and safe.
Press the button on the top of the tick remover to open the gripper to catch feet of fleas.
If you feel diffcult, you also can drop a little bit oil on tick's body and catch it after it\'s dead.
After getting rid of them, you can apply some lincomycin gel on bitten skin, it can stop pain, itching, anti-inflammatory.