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"Shield" Furniture Anti Scratch Protector
"Shield" Furniture Anti Scratch Protector
"Shield" Furniture Anti Scratch Protector

"Shield" Furniture Anti Scratch Protector

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Type: Cats 
Material: PVC
Size: 47x15cm, 40x15cm, 42,5x30cm
Color: Transparent
Type: Furniture Scratchers Supplies


1.Protecting your furniture,help to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture

2.It's easy to use,peeling off it and placing the pad where you want to protect

3.It's pliable, flexible and durable,can protect your furniture well

4.This cat sofa anti-scratching guard, also called the sofa furniture protector, can protect the interior decoration, doors, sofas, screens and wood products and prevent the cat's claw from getting hurt from the scratching. 

The industrial grade thick transparent vinyl pressure sensitive adhesive backing is easy to use and harmless to the furniture

5.Protects upholstery, doors, carpet, screens, and woodwork from cat claw damage. Industrial grade thick crystal clear Vinyl with pressure sensitive adhesive backing.No need for pins to secure product and no need to add holes to your furniture.

Couch Shield is a strong,hard and very sticky transparent vinyl that cover the purpose of protecting surfaces against cat clawing damages or any pets that destroys couches corners mainly. It includes Two (2) /Four(4) pieces with instructions on them on how to properly install the product. Couch Shield would protect couch corners. It's material is so hard that cat claws will slide right off

How To Use It :  (Very important )

1.Clean surface, The dirty and dusty especially cat hair will weaken the stickiness of the pads.

2.Tear off the Self-Adhesive pad carefully, keep the Transparent adhesive pads away from others.

3.Aim place you want, stick and press pads from top to bottom, try to squeeze out bubble (like you are putting a screen protector on your phone) contact every area